Liebert SRC - Small Room Cooling

Liebert® SRC is designed for High air quantity to match equipment Sensible Load application. It is coupled with high energy efficient components and advanced control system which helps in maximum energy efficiency and guarantees proper environmental conditions inside Critical Technological rooms.

Cooling Unit
  • Specifically designed for 24×7 operation to enable functioning of equipment / processes that support core business applications.
  • Industrial grade Powder coated metallic body construction for high durability even in adverse conditions.
  • Large surface area hydrophilic coated cooling coil made of copper with aluminum fins designed for a high SHR > 0.9 which is best suited for dry heat applications.
  • EC fans with high airflow rate and best-in-class efficiency to drastically minimize the power consumption.
  • G4 rating filters as per industrial standards with high filtration rate to ensure the cooling environment is free of dust and dirt

Condensing Unit
  • Robust Scroll/Rotary compressor which is highly efficient and quickly adapts to changes in the cooling environment.
  • Large surface area condenser coil designed to sustain ambient temperatures up to 48oC which makes it versatile to operate during peak summers without tripping.
  • Industrial grade aluminum body construction designed to withstand horrid outdoor conditions
  • Axial Condenser fans made of aluminum for durability and longer life.

Auto Standby Restart

Cooling Load Sharing

Access Control

Remote Monitoring

  • Advanced monitoring and control system specifically designed for technology room applications
  • Best-in-industry operational logic helps to quickly achieve accurate room set-point conditions
  • Remote monitoring capabilities via BMS helps to facilitate unmanned operations and quickly address the critical warnings and alarms
  • Self-diagnostic feature assists the servicing/maintenance process and drastically reduces the response time
  • Authenticated access to the controls with a 3-level protection helps to restrict unauthorized access and unwanted tampering with the system operations